Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Baked Brandy Grapefruit

Thank goodness for long weekends. I found this recipe on a Friday before a hard-earned and much needed four day weekend and I knew immediately how I was going to end up spending the next few mornings; drunk and full of Vitamin C. Best of all, if you sleep in late enough, you can justify cracking open a beer whilst you put this together. It's so simple and quick, and if you're planning an epic day of sports (watching, not participating...obviously) then this is the ideal fistful of sugar to kick-start the festivities.
Cut your grapefruit in half and separate the segments. I use my grapefruit knife. Best investment ever, it is a real thing, look it up. Cover each half with a generous few spoons of dark brown sugar and as much brandy as will fit before it starts seeping over the sides then leave for half an hour. Once most of the brandy has absorbed, pour another shot over each half for luck and stick under the grill or broiler for about ten minutes, or until the sugar starts to caramelise. A nice scoop of sour cream and a crack of black pepper totally complete this awesome boozy breakfast dish. 

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