Sunday, 22 July 2012

Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge

Fudge is something that totally takes me back to when I was just a little kid. I remember standing outside sweet shop windows, nose pressed against the glass just staring at the dozens of sugary logs of fudge on display. Mint chocolate chip, maraschino cherry, rum & raisin...a small child on a sugar binge could sure do some damage in one of those places. Sometimes if we were well behaved my dad would buy us all a stick to share, a delicious treat but it never really went very far with five people (my dad had some strange aversion to paying dentist bills, and a good thing too - 25 years old, 0 fillings). On a related note, I'm thinking of calling my band 'logs of fudge'.
But now I'm big and ugly enough to make my own mistakes, and I've decided that a stick simply wouldn't cut it this time. I need a whole tray of the stuff, and seeing as my schoolteacher of a girlfriend will be around the house and fridge for the next 6 weeks, I'm guessing I'll have someone to share it with, whether I like it or not. Get your dentists on standby, this one packs a punch.
This recipe is also dangerously easy. And quick, and cheap. I'm talking fifteen minutes and a handful of change. Using condensed milk would probably have fudge purists scoffing, and admittedly it is a bit of a 'Delia' but the end result tastes fantastic. And you get to lick the spoon afterwards - my dad once told me they used to have this stuff on pudding instead of custard. And I'm supposed to believe he had it tough!? How he still has all his teeth I'll never know.
Combine the condensed milk with 350g of dark chocolate, 40g of butter and a pinch of salt and melt over a very low heat. When everything's all mixed together evenly, take it off the heat. Now you can add whatever extra ingredients you're feeling. Some crushed nuts or dried fruit could be awesome - go with your gut, I trust you. I threw in about 100g of marshmallows, stirred it all up and then poured into a baking tray that I'd lined with parchment.
Let the fudge cool for 30 minutes or so and then stick it in the fridge for a few hours. After the waiting gets a bit too much, slice it up and get involved. Just maybe not too much in one sitting.

350g chocolate
1 tin condensed milk
40g butter
pinch of salt
100g marshmallows

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