Monday, 26 May 2014


So how does this work? I'm looking out of my window right now, and it's all quite depressing. Rain is pouring down and the sky is a miserable grey - a snapshot of British summertime, and enough to drive any man insane. But when I browse through the last few photographs on my memory card, all of a sudden I'm in my happy place. Warm, soft sand sifts between my toes, bright rays of sunshine beam down on my face, beautiful women in grass skirts and half-coconut bikinis dance enchantingly before my eyes. Too far? Too creepy?
We discovered this cocktail recently. Or rather my wife did, during one of her regular afternoon boozing sessions (I might get in trouble for that). Anyway she loved it, and now I'm pretty sure I do too.
I guess you can think of a lagerita as being in the same category as a bloody mary, or even a screwdriver. Sure social decorum suggests that it's not entirely appropriate to start drinking heavily in the morning, but I feel that there might be one or two exceptions, loopholes that might be worth exploiti- ahem- considering.
Now I'm not saying that this is a 'good morning drink', because that would be highly irresponsible of me. What I am saying is that is that there's a whole load of fruit juice in a lagerita, and I normally drink fruit juice with breakfast. Do with that what you will.
Plus, you know how nobody vacuums at night because it's considered rude to your neighbours? Well for that same reason don't you think it's best to use the blender during the more sociable hours of the day? I mean that's just being a good person man.

Ingredients (1 drink)
1 part tequila
1 part triple sec or cointreau
3 parts fresh-squeezed lime juice
top up with lager
serve over crushed ice with lime wedges

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