Tuesday, 27 August 2013


For me, a holiday is about three things: good weather, good people, and - most importantly - good food. Luckily Tunisia outdid itself with exemplary marks in all categories, particularly the nosh. I came back with plenty of recipes and inspiration, along with more saffron than one man can ever use in a lifetime - anyone for paella? Anyway - when everyone else was taking in the beautiful scenery, my eyes were firmly glued to the amazing food this fantastic country had to offer. Obviously.
The dates over there were incredible, so much better than the sticky, sugar-covered chaps we Brits like to gobble down at Christmas. And SO cheap! Especially considering how they're harvested...
The fish market was insane - one of the most hectic places I've ever been. And such an amazing variety of fish in all shapes and sizes being thrown about. I could have stayed there all day.
Some kind of tuna right there, fresh off the boat that morning. We did have to squeeze past the tail a little bit. Not the...erm...most hygienic place I've ever been.
How beautiful do those steaks look? I swear I was working out in my head how much ice I'd need to safely get a few of those bad boys back home via Gatwick...
Fresh mint - everywhere.
All of the spices you could ever possibly want, and then some more. This is where my haggling skills got a dry-run. He offered me two bags for 12 dinar (about £5) and I asked him if he'd take 10 - he was delighted to. Needless to say it wasn't a great first attempt, but I tried.
You cannot imagine my relief when the shopkeeper told me these were strictly for DECORATION.
Dates, dates and more dates.
Monkfish. All of the monkfish.
Fresh dates. Nice and low-hanging.
For the ones that aren't so low-hanging...this is how they pull them down. Dude had SKILLS.
Dates, fresh from the tree. Before they're left for a couple of days to steep in their own natural sugars they have a totally different texture and an almost pear-like taste. I definitely recommend.
Half lime, half lemon, all tiny.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mango Salsa

Another blog, another excuse. I've been working on a bit of a project lately which hopefully you'll all be able to see quite soon. That, along with the fact that I'm now a part-time minder for my one-handed girlfriend (an improvement from full-time) as well that it's fully busy, busy Christmastime at work (yes...Christmas) means I've been a terrible blogger. I hope you'll forgive me. In the meantime I made some totally awesome fish tacos last week, and because you can't have awesome fish tacos without some awesome salsa, here is some awesome salsa. Nothing too taxing here folks. Chop everything up real small and mix it together. No rocket science, just damn good food. Enjoy it.

1 ripe mango, cut into small pieces
1 red chili, diced
1/2 red onion, diced
juice of 2 limes
handful of coriander, chopped fine
salt and pepper to taste